sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Got some SAT?

     If you think that your school tests are tough it is because you haven’t taken an SAT. Today, I made myself present to the nearest city test center, EIS, to perform my SAT Reasoning Test. I merely prepared myself for the challenge, because of many school assignments, projects, and other commitments. But apparently 20 hours of study were enough to encourage me to face the test.

      As I have proposed to myself to achieve a better education, I have as a goal to studying abroad, specificly in the United States. In order to obtain this, I have to do an excellent job in a standardized test for college admission.  I remember studying like for two hours per day for six weeks in a row; I understood everything and felt that I had mastered SAT.  But as the bimester in school was about to be finished, so much homework didn´t give me time to study for my test. As a result, I completely neglected my primordial goal.

     For my very best luck, the day before the test my teachers had some school planning for the next bimester, so it was taken like a free day. Since I woke up in the morning, I started to study from a ninety-pound book which had a size of a microwave, until 8:00 pm. I needed some sleep to recover energy for the test day.
          The next day, I arrived to the test center, identified myself, and sat down to take the test. Almost five hours were required to complete the exam. Sincerely, some questions seemed like somebody was playing a trick on me, including words I didn´t know existed and math problems that were probably stated by aliens. I remembered even laughing, asking myself, “Who is the one responsible of making such peculiar questions?”
         On the other hand, I am very proud because this experience has encouraged me to prepare for tougher challenges in life. I believe that God will always be with me to encounter these challenges together.

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