martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Theater Night

  How wonderful is to presence one of your favorites stories in a play! Last Friday night, all high school attended the theater, José Francisco Saybe, to witness one of the best plays ever. For my surprise, the play was about one of my favorite stories since I was young. The play was originally titled “El Milagro de Ana Sullivan” which is about the incredible biography of Helen Keller.         
       To begin with, Helen Keller, as many people would know, was a child who, at the age of 19 months, lost her hearing and vision caused by a high fever and who, against overwhelming odds and with a great deal of persistence, grew into a highly intelligent and sensitive woman who wrote, spoke, and labored incessantly for the betterment of others.  Helen Keller is a real example for people that believe they have no purpose in life because of a handicap.

      In the other hand, the professor, Anne Sullivan, is known as a symbol of perseverance and dedication because of her notable feat, Helen Keller´s teaching. It is admirable to know that someone did teach a deaf-blind person to talk, just as Miss Sullivan achieved.

      As you can notice, what I liked the most was the message that was imparted and the willingness to achieve the most precious goals both student and teacher had. I fully enjoyed the play, it is one of the best plays ever. The spectators´ applauses and crying said more than words to describe the excellent performance. Thank God, He gave me the opportunity of being part of such a delight and having some memorable moments with my friends.

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