lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Earth Day

Data Collection
PART A - Energy consumption – Transportation
Energy consumption - Industrial
Energy Consumption – Residential
Energy Consumption – Residential Electricity
PART C Water

PART D Waste
Journal Entry #1 
       Many people think Paranormal Activity is the most scaring movie ever, but if all human beings were to watch a movie, like “An Inconvenient Truth”, about the serious problems and the drastically changes the earth is having, everybody will be stunned of how much harm we are and have been inflicting to our planet. Personally and based on my results, I definitely don´t contribute to help the planet, however, I tried my best on my second day as an “environmentalist” and changed my diet and energy consumption habits. 
       Even though I work out instead of being at the computer and read to avoid watching television, the wasting water manner I have couldn´t be void. I really feel sorry for the people who scarce of water, but lately in Honduras temperature has risen to a point I can´t be living without taking a shower at least 3 times a day. Another aspect I couldn´t reduce activity was being in the computer. I spend so much time in the computer because I get distracted easily by listening to music or checking software updates and that really entertains me. My worst habit is to leave on the lights and equipment I´m currently not using. I tend to forget they are on and I go outside to relax for a couple a minutes. 
      As you may have observed I don´t waste money buying fast food nor groceries, not because I don´t enjoy them but because I´m kind of stingy. I usually stay at home and I have a great control on what I should and not eat. Hope this project could be of great influence to others and together change the earth disaster course.

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