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Applying Physics in a Volleyball Game Essay.      
     Who could really imagine that having fun in a court was with the purpose of learning physics? Last Friday at the two last class periods, our physics teacher decided to take us out to play an enjoyable volleyball game. Minutes passed and we continued playing; but what we didn´t realized was that physics was going on. 
       After analyzing our volleyball game, I notice that some factors were involved. Those factors were mass, velocity, collision, momentum, time, impulse, and the Almighty. Relating it to physics, first the ball is projected by our hand exerting a determined force for it to cross to the rival´s side. The ball has mass and depending on its mass proportional is the force that we must apply. When the mass is in the air it travels with a certain velocity; therefore it must have momentum. Because momentum is the product of the mass and velocity and it is proportional to this quantities also. If the mass or the velocity increases, the greater amount of momentum the object will have. Momentum is a conserved quantity, meaning that if a closed system is not affected by external forces, its total momentum cannot change.          Returning to the game, when the ball is in the rival´s territory an individual has the reaction to impact it. When this is done, a force is applied to the rigid body, this case the ball, and it changes its momentum. This is called impulse. At the same time, a collision is taking place because the individual´s hand and the ball are exerting forces on each other for a relatively short time. The collision is not too strong but is strong enough for it to change the ball direction giving it a new velocity, changing its momentum and a shorter time to strike on the floor. The factors mentioned above are almost relative and proportional because is a factor is change then the other must suffer changes too. This leads us to God.   
        He is the creator and author of all things in the universe. He created a physical whole system which depends on each other to work and make a complete function. This applies to a Christian’s life, we depend of God to perform activities and gain strength for our daily living. If we don´t have His presence in our soul we are nothing. Without Him, we cannot perform any activity without failing and stumbling and fall. 

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