miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

A Genious Brain with BrainGenie

          Who could bet that education could be fun and engaging? Well, with so much technology manifesting throughout the world and many web sites developed for educational purposes, the nightmare of quizzes, coping questions from the board, and staring at a teacher for hours for he or she to leave homework without the students learning a thing is been slowly eradicated. Many educational web sites have helped my classmates and me to level up our knowledge; and a web site that should be mentioned is www.braingenie.com. To start with, BrainGenie is a web site created for the purpose of helping students to practice and learn several topics regarding math and science. 
       Our teacher introduced it for us to practice out heredity factors, and I noticed that the site really got mine attention and I definitely understood the topic. I have been exploring BrainGenie and I noticed it has many advantages and features that make learning possible. The tutoring videos are precise and clear and make the audience grasp the concept of the topic, the practice problems either multiple choice or completion which are easy to understand and give real world examples to have a clearer idea how everything works, it also counts with illustrated math story problems for the toddlers, and an organized system to view the results. Everything is well managed.
The earning badge feature motivates the users to continue practicing and doing their best effort to accumulate points and acquire a new range; the best part is that while participating in this activities you are learning and exercising the gray matter. One notable advantage BrainGenie possesses is if the student selected an incorrect answer BrainGenie shows the correct answer and an excellent and clear explanation of it. This web site has a great potential and with a couple of years it could flourish and become a great success. However, there are some things I wished the site should include, for example in the physics, biology, and math problems it should be included an illustration that represents what the question is asking for, it doesn´t matter if with the illustration makes the problem easier and the user finds the answer quicker, the idea is to teach not to flunk the user in his attempts. Also, for the math problem solving a virtual calculator should be displayed to make the calculations without leaving the site, because in the case of ipads either it needs to have a calculator installed or get your backpack and get your own. One last thing, I think it should need more levels of difficulty that way a topic has a broader amount of questions. I am not criticizing the site in fact I admire how far it has gone through with less than a year of being launched. 
       Nevertheless, in general the site is quite terrific and a first-rate educative exemplar. Congratulations to BrainGenie´s creators for coming up with this amazing idea and making the learning process way much easier. At this rhythm their mission of democratizing a world-class math & science education through technology will turn into a goal and hopefully replacing teachers (just kidding). I wish you good luck and I must say the site has compromising future.

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