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A Mansion Mirage
        A rainy weather had overcome the bluest and peaceful sky I had ever seen. These torrential winds had spoiled my day full of plans and on top of this a blackout made presence. It was terrible. The only thing I could do was to sleep and transport myself to a relaxing and comfortable parlor or better the house of my dreams. After seventeen minutes, the pleasant climate knocked me out.
     As I approach the European landscapes on which my dream house awaits, I catch a quick glimpsed of it. It was titanic, and was the most noticeable building in the area. My private plane lands next to the house beside a basketball court. As I walked toward, all around me laid the most beautiful everglades and plants; fruit producing vines grew all along a lake in astonishing numbers. The sun rays gave a delicate touch as it merely strike the panorama. My eyes said to my feet, “run, we can no longer wait to see the house from the inside.” 
       As I advance to the stairs at the house entrance, I became surrounded by four wooden columns leading to the most elegant doors I have seen. I open the door and beauty flashed my sight. As I kept walking, right beside me stood a fantastic lobby; clean and complemented with soft woolen sofas, a fifty two inch plasma television, vivid wall colors which combined with the expensive tiles that made the floor iridescent, and in the ceiling a lamp of diamonds. I couldn’t bide to take a look at the house parts that remained. At my left side kitchen also decorated my house with a beautiful wooden cupboard, a refrigerator full of my favorite food, an artful table and a mini bar with the best quality in wines. I knew which my next spot to go, was my room. I searched my suite in the huge lodging until I finally found it at the end of the hall. I unclose the door and make myself in the chamber; it was amazing. It had a beautiful and complete sight of my yard, a king size feather bed, a comfortable and massaging couch, and two glamorous lamps on each side. With this I concluded my tour downstairs. 
       I continued my journey upstairs until I reached the white gazebo. Soft winds caressed my neck as I neared to the edge and a quaint aroma of pure harmony and happiness was abroad the marvelous crib. Standing near the edge also allowed seeing slow sloping depressions covered by tanzanite colored water, neighboring a cunning mountainside that shields the precious lake from harmful advances of nature. The cumulus clouds enriched the landscape with more beauty and with a dainty stroke. At last, I decided to rest in my hand-carved rocking chair taking advantage of the quiescence that dwell in that place.    
       As my journey comes to a close I knelt to give thanks to the almighty God for being the creator of such marvelous art designs and masterpieces. I would really wish to be the owner of the house of my dreams where I would raise my children with His principles and moral values. But it requires an effort and sacrifice which I am propose to take in order to have a comfortable home for my family. Suddenly, the dream came to an end with the knocking of my bedroom door. It was my mom who woke me up for dinner.
Prophet Isaiah (Prezi)

The Flood in Gilgamesh and the Bible

    You might be wondering how come an Assyrian myth, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and a story from the Bible could be somehow related. In both The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible, a flood takes place. The flood in both stories destroys most of mankind. These floods were a symbol. They represented rebirth and a new beginning for mankind, as well as the gods or God's wrath. In The Epic of Gilgamesh the gods decided to chastise mankind by flooding earth for six days and nights with chronic rainfall. Utnapishtim was chosen to build a boat in order to restart mankind after the flood. In The Bible, God decided that there was too much evil in the world and decided to flood Earth. After forty days and nights, rain was capitulated. Similarly, God chose Noah to build an ark to save 2 of each animal and restart mankind after the flood.

     In both stories mankind was exterminated without clemency because things were getting chaotic. In Gilgamesh, the god Enlil's reason for wanting to destroy man was the uproar of mankind which was intolerable and sleep was no longer possible. The other gods agreed with the extermination of their nemesis. In the Bible, God also saw how the wickedness of man had overtaken earth. 
     Utnapishtim was chosen to survive the great flood because he was a true and candor worshipper of the god Ea, who came to warn him about the flood. Noah was the only man on earth who found grace in the eyes of God. As a matter of fact, God came to warn him about the flood and told him to build an ark, which could serve as a bulwark for them to withstand the torrential deluge. Noah approached his journey by building a large boat, and bringing the faithful clique and two of every flesh being onto the boat. Utnapishtim's boat was two hundred feet tall, with six stories (a measurement). In the other hand, Noah's ark was thirty cubits high, and three stories. They each survived by staying in the boat during the whole flood, and as they reached land, catharsis reign in each of their hearts. From the god Ea, Utnapishtim was rewarded eternal life. In contrast, Noah was blessed by God and was rewarded all earth's flesh as meat for him and his family.
      The difference between the Hebrew and Babylonian cultures, which these stories suggest, was what people wanted as a reward. In Babylon culture, immortality was considered a gift. In Hebrew culture, rewards of blessings and a food cache were what Noah wanted.   
     If I had to choose between being Noah, or Utnapishtim, I would definitely choose Noah, since I would receive God`s blessings and an eternal life is promised for me in the heavens. For the poor Utnapishtim was easily fooled by those pagan gods because he is no longer alive and is already rotten in a sarcophagus. 

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