lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

911 on Earth

Energy Consumption (hot water)
Entry #2 
      Phase #2 has been accomplished. As you may have seen I decided to change my way of life in reducing the waste of water and eating efficiently during two days in a row. I chose these options because I know I can handle both activities without getting crazy and enjoy while performing. 
      With the use of water, you can observe that particularly in the activity of the shower I took too little time in taking a bath; it doesn´t really mean I did it in 3 minutes. I had this idea of saving water using buckets so I filled the bucket in 3 minutes and took a shower with that water and I did the same for irrigation and washing the car instead of wasting a lot of water using a hose. I really contribute everyday by neither drinking soda nor eating sweets at all since they are distasteful for me. What also contributed for me not to waste so much water was the fact I was sick so I couldn´t neither take a bath nor be in contact with the water for so long. My initiative and causality help me for two days to be green for the benefit of our planet. 
        In the eating efficiently area, I did a great job. I based these two days on eating mostly fruits as snacks and drinking plenty of water and natural juices avoiding any harmful grocery. I didn´t mean much to me the fact of not eating fast food, because I also wanted to reduce weight. A technic I used a lot was that I was constantly washing my teeth and I felt no hunger at all or I think it was I didn´t wanted to get my teeth dirty for not going again to the sink. 
      Helping our planet is fun and helps you get in conscience with what the earth is struggling against. I motivate you to get in the earth´s position and try a new way of life.

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