lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

My Blogging Story

      Expressing your feelings, writing about your life, and publishing your photos within it to make allusive your text in a blog; isn´t there a Facebook to do this? The answer is yes, but educationally opposite.
     A few 365 days ago, I didn´t know what in the world was blogging therefore making social media my best companion in the network.  I used to spend approximately 4 hours chatting and reading a bunch of nonsense from everyone’s way of thinking; being ignorant to a world full of knowledge and important facts to enrich and update my grey matter´s information.
     Until a day, a physics professor(MrJP) entered the classroom and started exposing about the importance of blogging and tons of new innovative web sites for the sake of education. This teacher was known for being tedious assigning the same works every single year, and I felt stunned because of his radical change. I am best known everywhere because I love technology and I consider myself a person who manages and gets into technology very easy. That day I was simply seating on my desk showing no interest, but my inner I was amazed and joyful about it. Months passed and this teacher kept updating himself with new software and even hardware. Everything he learned, everything he taught us and we had to put it in practice that way we got used to it.
        At first, I dedicated myself to the new web sites (that way elaborating 21st century student´s homework and projects which are shown in this same blog) and pay little attention to the blogging stuff.  Hopefully, I got sick and tired of reading the same nonsenses every day; I need something new; something fresh baked something that was for my own benefit and not an addictive drug such as the social media. So, I tried blogging. Wow! I could feel the gigantic difference since the first day I blogged.  Even though I haven´t had a lifetime blogging, I have notice something has changed.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

We are the World, We are the FAMILY

  There is no such thing more entertaining than to spend the winter vacations with the family. Every year, my family meets at my grandparent´s house to say goodbye to the old year and welcome a new year full of prosperity and blessings. My grandparents live in a small village up in the mountains where there is no network, internet, television, nor malls. It seems to be a place where dinosaurs are still evolving and man has recently discovered the fire, but certainly it´s a really amazing place barely touched by humanity and a suitable site to coexist with the family. 
     When I refer to my family, I´m talking about more less 70 people, all living in one same spot. However, some relatives couldn´t attend because either they had a compromise or they live far away. Since most of my kin live away from each other, while conversing they changed the topic every minute; they had so much things and events to talk about. Everybody was happy and laughing at each other’s anecdotes and experiences. Everyone fully enjoyed the stay except for the cookers which had to prepare food for almost 70 people. That made a total amount of 210 dishes per day! Each meal time was madness!