viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

My First Senior Activity!

      Today, October 28 2011, we Sunshine High School seniors achieved our first fundraising activity. This event was a school movie which took place in the school´s auditorium where the movie was displayed in two projectors to provide a better view. The selling of popcorns, refreshments, and doughnuts was really good regarding the raise of money. We all seniors did an outstanding job taking care of the kids, managing time, and cleaning the mess that the toddlers had done.
      Days before, we thought that this fundraising would be the worst in the school´s history. We had difficulties choosing the movie and because of it we ended up displaying an old movie which most of the students had already seen. Also some of my classmates forgot the materials they had been assigned. On top of it, we had so many homework, classwork and social work which had to be finished for that same day. The unpleasant atmosphere was overcoming our patience and peace.

       Almost at the end of the day, some of my comrades went to each classroom to sell the tickets for the after school event. We all were nervous about it; everyone was expecting to see our comrades returning crestfallen. To our surprise, they returned to the classroom happy because most of the tickets were sold out and the rest would be sold afterschool. After receiving this good news, our moods change drastically and we were motivated to perform the best of us.
       The clock struck 1:10 pm meaning that our job had just started. All the kids were excited about it, much laughter was heard, and everything  went just all right. The movie, Despicable Me, got to an end and a good message was delivered through. At last, we cleaned up for the sake to finally accomplish our activity. Funds were higher than we expected, and many congratulations were spoken out from our teacher and supervisor. Thanks God, He made all possible for us to manage correctly our workmanship.

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